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A New Maintenance Headache

Moss Lichen Algae

Mosses, lychens and algae are living organisms which only require moisture and minute quantities of mineral salts to grow. However they can grow on vertually any roofing material or surface. Their root systems have the ability to bore into solid granite upto 12mm therefore once established on tiles, they allow the passage of water into the sub straight which gives rise to frost attack and shaling of tiles. Mosses will grow up under the lapse of tiles and cause capillary attraction of rainwater resulting in roof leaks. heavy moss contamination soaked by rain will considerably increase the weight load on a roof, once established these colonies lead to the rapid deteriation and breakdown of roofing materials eventually necessitating costly replacement.

The solution 

We provide a service with a range of systems and treatments to eliminate all types of moss, lychen and algae infections on cement roof tiles, asbestos, clay and concrete tiles. These treatments not only eradicate the growths but protect the roofs from reinfection.

Preperation - The surface must be sound and all loose debris must be removed using power washing or stiff brushes, replacing any cracked or broken tiles.

Apply Lichenite - A simple, two stage treatment for roofs infected with mosses lychen and algae. A colourless easily applied solution applied by a low pressure spray to infected areas, it is left on the roof surface for 72 hours to allow the root structures within the sub straight to be killed off.

Haloseal - A clear colourless solution of complex stearates which can be applied to the roof following Lichenite treatment, Haloseal protects against water penetration and the regrowth of mosses lychens and algae for up to ten years.


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